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Education/ Certification

Certifications: Bachelors in Exercise Physiology from SFSU. (ACSM) Exercise Physiologist. (NCCPT) Flexibility+Strength+Senior Fitness Specialist. 


I have trained in multiple settings for the past 5 years. Settings include; a commercial gym, inpatient and outpatient physical therapy/cardiac rehab clinics and teaching martial arts/self-defense to all ages. 


I believe exercise is the key to fixing many of the human body's poor bio-mechanics and posture. Therefore getting a proper body screen assessment to help build an individualized workout regimen is key. Performing each exercise with control and following proper bio-mechanics of the individual's stages of progression, and even sometimes regression if needed. I am here for each individual who is looking to work on strength, reduce aches and pains, flexibility, posture and weight management goals they desire. Lets take aspects of updated science and math and sync the body with the goals you have set in your mind!