Client Reviews

"My husband and I have been truly blessed to have crossed paths with Kolten. We signed up for training sessions with him in May. My husband was recovering from herniated discs and I was recovering from a stroke. We both wanted to focus on regaining our strength and balance. Kolten is very knowledgeable about the recovery process & knew what would benefit each of us. He's very personable and caring, ready to answer questions regarding exercise and explaining the effects of working the different muscles. Kolten has even gone a step further, working with my physical therapist as to what is needed for my recovery. Deo and I are pleased with our progress and so grateful to Kolten for the great training he provides. We look forward to ongoing sessions with Kolten. He's a gem! Thank you, Kolten!" 

   - Deo & Sawarni S. (September 4, 2018)

"I've been working out with Kolten for about a 1 1/2 years. I enjoy working out with him as he pushes me to do more than I think I can. He's extremely knowledgeable about physiology. The workouts are creative, challenging, and never boring. I've gained so much strength and confidence. I look and feel better from the inside out!"

   -Aline B. (September 3, 2018) 

"Kolten's expertise in corrective exercise has guided me to better health and fitness over the last two years. Kolten creates an exercise program to fit each person's specific needs that includes stabilization, fat loss and my favorite HIIT (High intensity interval Training). I would recommend Kolten for training to anyone seeking better health, strength and confidence."

  -Nancy D. (September 3, 2018)

"Kolten has worked with me as a personal trainer for over 2 1/2 years, and I can't see myself working with anyone else. He knows exactly what works for me and encourage me to work harder without ever raising his voice. He is very strong motivator and makes me want to head out to the gym regularly. Kolten also gives great advice and helpful ideas on eating right. Thanks to him, I look and feel better!"

   -Loretta M. (September 2, 2018)

"Kolten has been my trainer for almost three years. His skills and expertise go way beyond what I've seen with other trainers, and I feel comfortable knowing he will make me work hard and keep me motivated, without hurting myself. He has a quiet way of getting me to push myself and yet recognizes my age and physical limitations. And he has a great sense of humor!"

   -Ron M. (September 2, 2018)


"As a visually impaired senior who's body was tightening up due to the lack of appropriate exercise, my doctor suggested a physical fitness program. I was lucky to find Kolten. He created an exercise program for me that has evolved into many different phases that helped me in many different ways. His ever-growing plans include strengthen your flexibility, balance, and even peripheral vision. I highly recommend that you engage his services."

   -Mark O. (September 8, 2018)


"I have been training with Kolten for over a year now.  He is an awesome trainer!! With all my complaining - he does an excellent job pushing me to my limits by mixing up the exercises and showing me (repeatedly) how to use the equipment.  He’s helped me through all my aches and pains and taught me different exercises/stretches to do on my own. A “highly recommended” trainer."

   -From his favorite client - Linda Tse (September 8, 2018)