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What is Functional Fitness?

Exercises that applies to your everyday life.


About Kolten

I have trained in multiple settings for the past 5 years. Settings include; a commercial gym, inpatient and outpatient physical therapy/cardiac rehab clinics and teaching martial arts/self-defense to all ages..... 

Education/ Certification

Certifications: Bachelors in Exercise Physiology from SFSU. (ACSM) Exercise Physiologist. (NCCPT) Flexibility+Strength+Senior Fitness Specialist. 


Client Reviews

"My husband and I have been truly blessed to have crossed paths with Kolten. We signed up for training sessions with him in May. My husband was recovering from herniated discs and ......"

-Deo & Sawarni S. (September 4, 2018)


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Personal Training

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Clayton | Concord, CA 

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